Grandpa’s Tips: Chicken Questions

Will my chickens over eat?

No, egg laying chickens will only eat what they need, the more they eat the more they lay.

What weight is required to open the feeder?

A standard feeder requires 500gms/14oz and a large feeder requires 900gms/2lb (an adult rat weighs 300gms/9 to 11oz)

How many chickens are needed to open the feeder?

It only takes one chicken to open the feeder.

What age can they use it?

A chicken should be 500gms/1lb or more to use the feeder. Note: Do not use the feeder for baby chickens.

Can one small chicken/bantam open the feeder?

For very light birds or bantams which are too light for the feeder, it is very easy to adjust the feeder by putting a small weight on the tread plate. Note: Do not use with baby chickens.

Will my chickens learn to use it? How do you train poultry to use them?

The feeders come with 2 training bolts to limit movement and instructions for their use. There are 2 settings with one week on each setting.

How many chickens can feed at once?

A Standard feeder is 3-4 chickens and a large feeder is 4-5.

Is the large feeder too high for small chickens/bantams?


Can their heads get caught?


What are they made of?

Galvanized steel and alloy tread plate.

Is it water proof?


Does it come assembled?

Only the tread plate has been removed for shipping and is easily attached with 4 bolts that are provided.

Are they a proven product?

Absolutely, since Grandpa designed and developed these feeders in New Zealand in 1995, many thousands have been sold and are now considered standard equipment for anyone keeping poultry. We have many customers who have feeders they bought over a decade ago which are still working faultlessly today after continual use outside and exposed to the elements.

Where can the feeders be placed?

Anywhere inside or out, as long as the feeder is on a flat surface extending to the front of the tread plate.

Do they fight over the food?

 No, even a bossy chicken will not be at the feeder for very long.

What happens when getting new chickens?

The new one will learn from the existing flock, but you must repeat the training program with a completely new group.

What size feeder do I need?

We have customers feeding over 80 chickens with one large feeder and over 40 with the standard feeder. We suggest the large feeder is better suited for 10 or more, so you are not required to constantly fill the feeder.

Can ducks, geese and turkeys use them?

Yes, the larger feeder is suitable, although it may be necessary to extend the tread plate out for bigger birds. This can be done very easily.

Will ducks and chickens eat together?


How are they sent out?

The feeders are dispatched by courier.

How heavy are they?

A standard feeder is 7kg/15lb and a large feeder is 9kg/20lb.

What weight is required to open the feeder?

A standard feeder requires 500grams/14oz and a large feeder requires 900grams/2lb (an adult rat weighs 300 grams or 9 to 11oz )

What weight is a chicken?

An average chicken is around 2kg/4.5lbs.

What makes these feeders better than others?

Grandpa’s feeders will give both you and your chickens a better deal; you will spend less on their food and get more eggs, saving you time and money.

Could a large rat open the feeder?

If your rats are heavy enough to open the feeder you are feeding your rats too well. Most rats are too light to open the feeder however (an adult rat weighs roughly 300 grams/0.6lb).

Can pheasants use them?


What type of feed can be used in them?

They are suitable for all dry feeds.

How long will the food last?

A standard feeder will feed 6 chickens for 10 days and a large feeder will feed 12 chickens for 10 days. This also means it will feed less chickens for longer and more chickens for less time.

Are the feeders guaranteed?

Yes, they come with a twelve month, full satisfaction money back guarantee. Be assured this will probably be one of the best things you will have ever bought, as is told to us by many of our customers.