"The chook feeder is fabulous! It is a "must have" for all chicken owners. I live by a river. I did not realize large rats swam in rivers until I purchased birds. The food attracted the rats. The traps I purchased were too small for these rats - ugh. Then I purchased live squirrel traps and trapped over 40 disgusting rodents. I am a city girl so this was not much fun for me. I was online nightly trying to find a way to get rid of these rodents. That is when I found the website for Grandpa’s Feeders. Without hesitation, I ordered. Within a week (about the time it took for my Penedescencas and French Marans to figure it out), the rodents were no more. My traps sit empty day after day. I am so happy with my chook feeder! It is a phenomenal product. Built well, and well worth the price. This product is Eggzactly what your birds need. No longer do rodents ruffle my feathers. (Sorry for the chicken pun)." - GayLynn - Idaho
"You can add me to the satisfied customers list. Our girls must be slow learners but they finally got it. It was even better to watch a mouse climb all over the feeder and not be able to get into it. At last they were hungry enough to take bait from the mouse traps and I caught about 6 in two days. The doves have gone but one extra cheeky one managed to get caught inside the feeder on one occasion. So thank you." - Naomi Bagas - Topeka, Kansas
"I recently purchased a Grandpas Feeder and must admit that I was not really certain as to how successful it would be. Thought the cost was a little expensive but we had such a rat problem I was desperate to try something! The feeder is great! We no longer have a rat problem and there is no seed waste. I will be recommending it to our friends who also have poultry and are living on an acreage." - Alison Salinger - Rosenberg, Texas
"What a winner. Our chickens are laying better than they ever had, the rodents have disappeared and there's a lot of disappointed and hungry wild birds about. After the years of thieving they've had at my expense I'm not shedding any tears for them!" - Charles Neumann - Logansport, Indiana
"I've never thanked a company for something I've bought before but your feeder is special. The benefits you promised all happened and we've dramatically lowered the amount of feed we buy. It's built well and I can see it's going to last us a very long time. What an outstanding product!" - Thomas Rankin - Jacksonville, Nth Carolina
"We have cut our feed bill in half. Should have bought one last year when we first heard of it but procrastinated as usual." - Carl Beasley - Glasgow, Kentucky
"Wow. What a terrific feeder and I'm recommending it to all I know. Thanks so much." - Andy Santarage - Denver
"Thanks for the entertainment as well as the saving in food costs. We put our Grandpas Feeder in view of the house and quite a way from our chicken house so we could see what's happening and it's been entertaining watching as our hens come running when they want a top up, leap on the feeder and then dash back to their friends. We absolutely love it." - Marjorie Anderson - Decatur, Alabama
"I've been watching it closely since we set it up and was worried that our flock and their bird brains wouldn't work out how to use it. However, they started using it without fuss or problems and nothing else can get at the feed. What a fantastic machine." - Dudley Mitchell - Concord NH
"Yabah dabah doo! What else can I say. Instant sanity! It works brilliantly and I'm no longer feeding all the free loading wild birds which were driving me nuts." - Jimmy - Riverside CA
"We're getting a much longer laying season since we've bought a Grandpas feeder and I'm not sure whether this is coincidence or not. Do you get similar comments? Regardless, this is the best thing we've bought in a long time. What a lot of frustration and money it's saved. Thank you." - Daniel and Tammy - Rocky Mount, Nth Carolina
"Wow! What a saving in the cost of feed! I am astounded that for all the years I've kept poultry I never realized how much feed was going to the bad guys. This is an amazing product and it will pay for itself in no time. I'm crowing to everyone I know with chickens that they have to get one and I'll be ordering another soon for my sisters birthday." - Leslie Pentergrass - Albany, Oregon
"I was pleasantly surprised at what a well made unit this is and how quickly it arrived after ordering. Great service. Thanks!" - Jenny Terrensos - Baytown, Texas
"I put my feeder in the yard and after a few minutes of initial wariness they started eating out of it and haven't looked back. I actually cut the training period a bit as I'm going away for a few days and I wanted them using it in the automatic position before I went. It worked a treat and I'm very happy that I can leave them knowing they will have food on demand without the pests grabbing it in short time. " - Sandy Phillips - Camden, Arkansas
"Fantastic product, we love it! Because of the rats and wild birds I couldn't leave any food out for the chickens if we went away but thanks to your feeder they don't get a look in any more. Now I don't have to arrange for our son to come and feed them if we're away not to mention the saving in feed we're making. All the best!" - Pete and Louise Altrop - Dublin, Georgia
"I thought I'd send you a quick note because I'm so pleased I bought one of your large feeders. I had no idea I was losing so much feed to the wild birds until I set it up and the girls started using it!" - Jane Norswick - Ventura CA
"Hi, I just wanted to say the feeder is working like a charm. The training really was very simple and the dove problem is solved! Aloha!" - Stephen Terry - Kanehoe, Hawaii
"I have used a Grandpa's Feeder for nearly two years now. I am astounded by how efficiently it works. It has cut our layer pellet bill in half, and eliminated mice and birds eating any chook feed." - Alan Gray - Editor, 'Earth Garden' magazine and books - Australia
"We have always used pheasant feeders for feeding our chickens in the past but have had problems with rats stealing food and the chickens dropping it everywhere.  However, we recently acquired an excellent new feeder from Grandpa's Feeders which seems to have solved our food wastage issues! See more photos. It is a metal feeder with a treadplate mechanism that means the chickens have to place some weight on a plate for it to open.  There is quite a good lip on the feeder which means that they can't hook out the feed and dump it on the floor as they like to do with normal feeders. This stops the local wild birds helping themselves and we've noticed a marked decrease in the rat activity in and around the pen. We weren't sure how easily our older birds would take to the treadplate system so we tested it out on the 1-year-old Barnevelder hens and Legba.  It did take a while but they got the hang of it after about a month thanks to the learning programme that came with the feeder. " - All About Chickens - United Kingdom