Automatic Chicken Coop Door

US $250.00

Foxes or other predators causing you problems? Are you having to constantly remember to lock your chooks away each evening or risk paying the price of losing your flock if you forget? Then you also have the chore of having to let them out again every morning when it may not suit your timetable.

Grandpas Automatic Chook Coop Door takes away the problem of having to lock your flock away at night safe from nocturnal predators such as foxes.

It automatically closes and keeps your chooks safe after they’ve returned home to roost. It will then automatically open in the morning, whatever time you decide, to let your girls outside to forage.

See below for a detailed description.



  • The door comes completely assembled and is super easy to programme. All that’s required is to take it out of the box, attach it to the existing entry in your coop, insert the batteries provided and it’s ready to go.
  • The unit allows you to delay the opening in the mornings by as long as you wish which is helpful as it means your hens then have no option but to lay their eggs in their nest boxes rather than in hidden nests where you can’t find them.
  • It also has a manual function which means that at any time you can override the automatic setting and make the door stay open or closed as required. Once the automatic mode is engaged again it reverts back to the settings you’ve programmed and opens and shuts automatically.
  • It features a flashing warning light which is visible from a long distance to tell you that the batteries need replacing or of any other unlikely problems such as a blockage in the door interfering with the opening or shutting of the door.