How it works


Grandpa’s Poultry Feeders have a cantilevered lid over the feed trough. This lid is lifted by the weight of the chicken stepping onto an attached platform. This allows it to feed from the trough. Once the chicken steps off the platform, the lid closes to prevent sparrows, rats, etc. from getting access to the food.

Stage one – Introducing the feeder

Initially, your poultry needs to become used to the feeder and this is very simple, requiring only the positioning of two bolts (provided). For the first seven days the feed trough lid is left fully open and the platform locked down while hens feed, so they become used to standing on the platform and putting their heads into the trough to feed.

Stage two – Training the chooks

After seven days the two bolts are repositioned so the hinged lid will close only half way. This enables the hens to get used to the lid and platform moving. Finally, seven days after this, the two bolts are removed altogether and your feeder is in its permanent mode. By now the hens will be fully used to the feeder and will be using it at will.




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