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The best on the market !!!


I am over the moon with this feeder , my ex commercial girls have learnt to use it in just 8 days and it’s great to know they can help themselves when they like but when it’s not in use their food is staying dry and safe from vermin . I can fill it up and not worry for a week which is another time saver . All in all I’m very very pleased !!!!

Carrie M

AMAZING quality

I have had mine for 3 years now and it's still perfect!!


I am back for a second.

I am very impressed by the way the chickens have taken it on board and it means that the grain stays dry. Thank you.

- Roland

Huge money saver


A few years back, I was losing a huge amount of feed to rats and wild birds. I didn’t realize how much until I bought two large Grandpa’s Feeders. My feed bill dropped by more than half. I had my doubts about training my 30 hens to use the feeder, as it is quite noisy when the lid drops down. No problem. I followed the instructions and quickly realized I just hadn’t given my girls enough credit. I think I might get a smaller feeder for training shyer newbies and youngsters coming up. A side benefit - the rat population has just about disappeared!


I am so impressed with the Grandpa’s Feeder. The amount of feed I save is enormous. I have two separate locations for my hens on my property and they are about 500m apart. One house has a Grandpa’s Feeder that feeds 6 hens, 6 bantams, and 4-6 pheasants, yes the pheasants have learnt to open the feeder. At the other hen house, I feed 6 hens twice a day in an open feed trough. It’s obvious that the saving in feed is huge.

Dan M. – New Zealand

Grandpa Chicken feeder


Great price. Good delivery, brilliant instructions (everywhere!). I am delighted with this product.


-Kevin E.

Dear Folks. Just to let you know the chook feeder is working a charm. It was three weeks before all the girls clicked up the courage to stand on the platform. I glued a strip of foam plastic under the lid to stop the clatter and that helped. The birds have migrated to another welfare state and I am amazed at just how much feed they consumed. Have only 6 hens and all laying well despite the heat. Cheery Regards.

Julia S. – New Zealand

I've had four of these for approximately two years and these are the best feeder and worth every penny. This feeder took care of spilled feed and helped get rid of the rodents that were scavenging feed every night. After installing and the 3-4 weeks of training I noticed I was using about 10-15% less feed every month. It also got rid of rodent feces I was seeing around my old feeders and nests prior to installing.

Tom. S – United States

I purchased this feeder because I was having a huge problem with rats. Taking away the food source is essential to get rid of rodent problems. Not only is this feeder built well, but it also keeps the food supply tightly closed. I have 10 hens and it took exactly one day for them to figure out how to step on the treadle to get to the food tray. No more wasted food from the hens messy eating habits. No food on the ground.

Lucy. K – United States

Grandpas Feeder


LOVE this feeder. It has kept the wild birds out, which had been a big problem. It keeps the food dry. However, raccoons learn quickly how to open this so we just put a container over it at night till they quit coming around.
The best option would be inside their coop area but we don’t have room for that. I would and have recommended this to other chicken keepers.

- Patty

I had a bad rat problem! Bad! So bad that I would be watching out of the window in the middle of the day and see at least 30 to 40 rats run across the yard to my chicken coop and eat from my feed bowls. The rats dug holes under my coop, chewed through my siding, and just damaged everything. Not to mention the pounds of feed I was losing. So I bought a Grandpa's feeder. It solved my problem really well, I'm very happy!

Jen H. – United States

I wanted the feeder for a long time but the price prevented me from buying it. We got a flood of mice after a record wet summer, and we could not fight them with the methods that previously worked. Retrieving the feed every night did not seem to help that much either, since the mice were getting the spilled grains. This feeder solved all the problems. Amazingly, the chicken learned how to use it in two weeks.

Mark H. – United States

I have had this feeder in operation for several months now. The build quality is good and it works as advertised. We have experienced a dramatic drop in our feed use. Our rodent problem has all but disappeared. The chickens got the hang of the feeder in about a week with absolutely no issues at all. This product does exactly what it says it does and is a quality item. I recommend this to anyone who asks.

Zamiel A. – United Kingdom

WONDERFUL! Bought several for our farm. Geese, ducks, & chickens all got the hang of it in a few days. Sometimes had to adjust them for light birds, but even our bantams were able to figure how to open them to eat by walking along the step until it opened for them. We saved a LOT of cash on feed in the first couple of months. A good investment. I can say that this feeder is the best thing I've bought in a good while.

Kate T. – United Kingdom

We've had this feeder for a couple of months now, and I was skeptical at first as I was worried that mice would still manged to find a way in. I'm glad to see that my worries were wrong. Now that I'm seeing how little the chickens eat just on their own, I would estimate that 3/4 of the feed was going to rodents. At $16 a bag, this expensive but worth it feeder will pay for itself quickly. 13/10 would buy again.

Luke F. – Australia

This feeder has save me hundreds of dollars in chicken feed. Rural area... Cannot eradicate all mice. But this keeps them out of the feed. It takes a week or so to train the chickens but once they learn, they take to it like it's all they ever had. Each chicken eats at a different pace. I have two of these for about 60 chickens and the new ones this season learned from the older ones. I really love this product!

Jan. A – Australia

Great investment


We've had the feeder for a little over two months. Our flock is a bit older, so it took them a week longer to train, but they got it down pat. We were seeing sparrows and rats in the run constantly. There was a layer of sparrow droppings on every surface. After the girls started using the feeder, I deep-cleaned everything. It's been a month since then and there is not a single sparrow dropping anywhere in the run. They simply don't come in looking for food anymore. The reduction in wasted food is amazing. This has been totally worth the price - both for the food costs it saves, and knowing the girls are no longer sharing food/water with wild birds and rats and other disease-carriers.



Well worth the initial outlay.


Very strong construction and made to last. The savings in feed will far exceed the cost of the feeder. Some very ticked off wild birds but very happy hens. They took to it very quickly and haven't looked back. Would recommend wholeheartedly. Wish we'd found it sooner. Nothing to dislike.

Colin G

I have two of these now

Just the thing for feeding the girls when we’re away on holiday for more than a week.

Andrew R


Grandpa chicken feeder


Fantastic chicken feeder my chickening love it.

Jonathan P


Excellent quality….. 


….. just waiting now for our chickens to arrive.

Sandra R

Thank you for your great product and service.  My daughter and son in law received the chicken feeder i ordered for them and they are thrilled. I've had mine for a couple of years now and am still delighted and grateful for them (I have 2).

Sandra S

Chicken feeder


This feeder is great and is keeping my verman down.

- Tim S


Grandpa feeder


Works great. My chickens caught on quick. I did have to add weight under the step so my bantam Mottled Cochin could raise the lid.

- Mike S

Standard chicken feeder

Fantastic chicken feeder that is the
Second one I got my chickens love them

-Jonathan P

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