Grandpa's Chicken Feeders FAQs

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Six ways our Grandpa’s Feeders are better than other feeders on the market.
1. Grandpa’s Feeders are made of Galvanised Steel and Alloy, which makes them much stronger and more durable.
2. Our feeders have a unique sloped back for true gravity feeding – you can be ensured there will be no food getting stuck at the back of the feeder going stale.
3. Our unique anti-flick grill prevents chooks from flicking any of the feed out.
4. Side guards will stop the other chooks from side feeding. This will help prevent any injury to your chooks.
5. Grandpa’s Feeders are weather proof, this will ensure your feed is not exposed to the elements and going to waste.
6. Say goodbye to pesky rats, mice and wild birds as they are too light to open the feeder.