The top 5 things to keep in mind when choosing an automatic chicken feeder

chicken standing on a large chicken feeder, Automatic Chicken Feeder

When choosing a new automatic chicken feeder, there are a few important points to consider.

With plenty of options on the market you want to ensure you’re finding the ideal option to suit your feathered friends.

#1: How many chickens will the automatic chicken feeder feed?

Making sure all chickens are getting enough food in between your visits to the chicken coop is vital.

Each chicken needs roughly half a cup of grain per day.

Some automatic chicken feeders allow the chicken feed to fall out onto the ground which results in wasted money and grain, as it will either get trodden into the dirt or it leaves it exposed for other birds or wildlife to get to.

Look for an option that can supply a steady amount of grain throughout the day and is big enough to hold enough feed for the entire flock.

For example, the Large Chicken Feeder from Grandpa’s Feeders will feed 12 chickens for 10 days, and the Small Chicken Feeder will feed 6 chickens for 10 days (and Grandpa’s chicken feeders don’t let feed fall out onto the ground).

#2: Will the feed stay dry inside the chicken feeder?

If your chicken coop is big enough to allow space for a feeder inside, your feed will stay dry.

However not all coops have enough space for a feeder.

If you’re looking for an outdoor automatic chicken feeder, will the grain be protected from the rain and wind?

Soggy chicken feed breeds bacteria and is a waste of money.

Look for a feeder that comes with a lid or some other way to keep the food sheltered from the elements.

For example, automatic chicken feeders from Grandpa’s Feeders feature a cantilevered lid which prevents rain from ruining your feed, and a high quality galvanised finish built to last in tough, outdoor conditions.

#3: Is the feed protected in the chicken feeder from other birds and rodents?

If you’d like to feed the other local and native birds… get a bird feeder.

The grain you provide your chickens is the ideal amount to keep them well fed and healthy so it’s vital to stop other birds flying in and taking your chicken feed.

Then there’s mice and rats to consider!

Not only does stolen food mean wasted money, but rodents are notorious for carrying diseases.

It’s very important to make sure the automatic chicken feeder you choose keeps rodents out, to protect your wallet, and your chickens!

Classic/traditional chicken feeding trays may not offer this kind of protection, whereas an automatic chicken feeder stops this as birds are too light to operate the place, whilst rodents generally can’t reach the feed and stand on the tray at the same time.

Automatic chicken feeders from Grandpa’s Feeders feature a cantilevered lid which prevents wild birds and rodents from accessing the feed whilst allowing chickens to easily open the lid to access their feed.

#4: How long will the chicken feeder last outside in the weather?

As with any other purchase, you want a high-quality chicken feeder that will last. Whether that’s a traditional feeder or an automatic chicken feeder.

Warranties or a money-back guarantee period can provide you with peace of mind that if you experience any problems, you’re covered.

If the seller has built a product that will last, they will usually be willing to back it.

Automatic chicken feeders from Grandpa’s Feeders are built to last in tough, outdoor conditions and come with a 24-month 100% money-back guarantee.

#5: Is the automatic chicken feeder easy to assemble and maintain?

Does the auto chicken feeder you’re considering purchasing come assembled?

If not, finding one that is easy to set up will save you time and effort when it comes to constructing it.

Automatic chicken feeders have more components to them than a traditional feeding trough, so ease of use to construct (or already assembled) is something to look out for.

Your chicken feeder may be kept outside, so finding an option which will withstand the elements is important.

Make sure to check that the parts are weather-proof, and that the seller has replacement parts available if needed.

Automatic chicken feeders from Grandpa’s Feeders come fully assembled apart from the tread plate which you can easily attach with 4 bolts that are provided. Then, all you need to do is fill them with feed/grain and follow a simple process to train your chickens to eat from the chicken feeder. Our chicken feeders are built to last and don’t require any maintenance.

Take a look at our automatic chicken feeders, or check out our blog for more helpful articles about raising chickens.