How does the treadle on an automatic chicken feeder work?

Chicken using a treadle feeder |  Grandpa's Feeders

If you’re looking to make your chicken-rearing experience more efficient, an automatic chicken feeder may be just what you need. These devices can help you save time and money by providing a steady source of food for your chickens without requiring constant monitoring. One feature of automatic chicken feeders that many people wonder about is the treadle mechanism that allows chickens to access the food.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how the treadle on an automatic chicken feeder works.

First, let’s define what we mean by “treadle.”

A treadle is simply a lever that is operated by a foot, paw or claw. In the case of an automatic chicken feeder, the treadle is a flat platform that is large enough for a chicken to stand on.

When the chicken steps on the treadle, the treadle pushes on a lever which, in turn, pushes on a rod attached to the lid. This action lifts the lid off the food reservoir. Once the chicken steps off the treadle, the lever returns to its original position, pulling the flap closed.

This prevents other non-chicken animals such as birds and rats from accessing the food. It also keeps the weather out to keep the food dry and clean. Only the chickens that step on the treadle are able to access the food. The treadle mechanism is set to the correct tension for chickens. The tension can be changed if you want to use the automatic chicken feeder for larger birds such as ducks or pheasants.

In conclusion, the treadle mechanism on an automatic chicken feeder is a simple yet effective way to control access to the food. By stepping on the treadle, the chicken triggers a lever that opens the flap or door, allowing access to the food. When the chicken steps off the treadle, the lever returns to its original position, closing the flap or door and preventing the weather and other animals to access the food.

An automatic chicken feeder with a treadle mechanism can be a valuable tool for any backyard chicken keeper looking to save time and improve their flock’s health.

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