4 Ways to Keep Your Chickens Entertained


Keeping chickens takes more than setting up a coop and hoping for eggs.

Boredom and loneliness are both real things when it comes to chickens.

They love being busy and keeping entertained.

If you let your chickens be free-range, you may think that allowing them access to your yard is entertainment enough.

However, they will often get into things they shouldn’t if they don’t have something occupying their time.

You will also notice, as chickens get bored, they find entertainment in picking on and bullying each other. 

It’s actually quite easy to keep your chickies entertained – even if you have one or a hundred.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Sometimes the simplest of things can keep your flock busy for days.

#1: Plant a special garden for your chickens

If you find your chickens often get into your own garden, set aside a special area where you can plant vegetables that are easily accessed by your hens.

You can plant pumpkins, squash, watermelon, and anything chickens can eat.

If you put one inside or along your run, it will ensure the vegetables have lots of time to grow before your chickens get busy. 

#2: Hang large fruit from the top of the coop

Hanging a watermelon, pumpkin, or other large fruit or vegetable from the top of the coop will keep your chickens busy for days.

Even broccoli or corn are great options to hang.

They act almost as a pinata, and once they fall it’ll be exciting to see them all go crazy over it.

You’ll also be ensuring that your chickens are getting adequate nutrients from something other than just chicken feed. 

#3: Add perches and higher areas where chickens can climb

Chickens are naturally curious and love climbing exploring.

Add in some perches, stumps or other areas that promote climbing and exercise.

Keep some activities lower to the ground for chickens at the bottom of the pecking order and add treats and surprises at different levels as further entertainment for your hens.

#4: Add a Grandpa Feeder

Grandpa chicken feeders not only keep pests and vermin out of your chicken feed, but they also keep chickens busy.

You’ll notice how entertained they may get at seeing the feeder open when they step on it.

By adding a grandpa feeder you’ll also promote your chickens to have fun and entertain themselves elsewhere rather than just eating to fulfill their boredom.

Something many of us wishes we could do ourselves. 

You can usually think of fun things for your chickens that are simple and easy to implement. Do a bit of research and make sure to have fun as well. 

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