How to Train Your Chickens to Use A Grandpa’s Automatic Chicken Feeder

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Chickens are incredibly smart creatures.

We know it can be a hoot to watch your chickens interact with each other in your coop, but you may have also recognized that they are able to anticipate future events as well as quickly adapt to their environments very well.

This makes the excellent usage of a Grandpa Feeder an incredible introduction for any group of hens.

With a few simple steps, your chickens will be experts at using and enjoying their feeder without the need to compete for their own food with other birds and pests.

What is a Grandpa’s Chicken Feeder?

Grandpa Poultry Feeders have revolutionized the way we feed chickens.

Instead of needing to feed your poultry daily and run the risk of other birds and pests getting into the feed, an innovative device has been created that the weight of a chicken lifts a lid over the trough.

The lid closes again when the chicken leaves the platform.

There are 2 simple stages involved when training your chickens to use a Grandpa Feeder.

First, during the first week, the trough is left open with no movement, so your hens can become accustomed to feeding on the new feeder.

It will take a few days for your chickens to get used to the platform and expect the food to appear within the trough.

Second, two bolts positioned on the trough to keep it open are moved slightly to allow the lid to close halfway when the hens are not on the platform.

This restricted movement will allow your chickens to get used to the sound and feel of the lid moving when they are on the platform.

It will only take a matter of days for your chickens to become completely accustomed to the Grandpa Feeder’s movement.

After about a week, you can remove the bolts from your Grandpa Feeder and pursuantly allow your chickens to use the Feeder in its permanent position.

By now, your chickens should be completely comfortable with the device; however, if some chickens still become slightly spooked, you can start again from step one but may not need as many days in between.

Q: Will other animals be able to lift the lid of the Grandpa Feeder by stepping on the platform?

Other small animals such as rats and birds that may get into your chicken coop who do happen to step onto the platform in pursuit of the smell of food will either be far too light to lift the feeder.

If they do happen to lift the lid, they will become spooked by the sudden movement of the lid.

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