5 Essential Tools For Chicken Raising Beginners

large chicken feeder being used by a few chickens

Raising chickens can be rewarding for anyone, thanks to their easy upkeep.

Once you’ve taken care of your chickens’ three basic needs (food, water, and shelter), your days are pretty much set to watch those little cluckers frolic in their coop.

There are some essential tools, however, that you should keep in mind to keep your chickens healthier and living longer, as well as make your job even more convenient.

Chicken Raising Tool #1: Chicken Waterers

Water is essential for your chickens’ health but it might not always stay the cleanest.

Spending your money on some great chicken waterers can make a huge difference and keep you from having to change the water multiple times a day.

There are actually quite a few inexpensive options and they can be found online or at your feed store!

Chicken Raising Tool #2: Grandpas Automatic Chicken Feeder

We may be biased, but the only way we feed our chickens is with Grandpas Feeders.

Our feeders are made with galvanized steel and alloy making them the most durable feeders on the market. They’re also available in different sizes: large chicken feeders and our standard automatic chicken feeder

Rest easy that pests will no longer be an issue, your feed will stay completely dry even during the craziest of storms, and your chickens’ egg production will increase by supplying a steady amount of food when they need it.

Grandpas Feeders have proven to be the best automatic chicken feeder in the world for over 20 years.

But talk is ‘cheep’! We know you’ll love Grandpas Feeders so we back it up with a 24-month money-back guarantee.

Start saving loads of money with no more wasted feed! 

Chicken Raising Tool #3: Bedding

In order for your chickens to remain healthy long-term, bedding is an essential piece of the puzzle.

You can use wood chips or straw but be sure to keep them dry and change the bedding often.

People who leave their bedding throughout the winter, for example, are more prone to having diseased chickens or eggs that are sub-par.

Do the right thing and get the best bedding for your chickens. 

Chicken Raising Tool #4: Nesting Boxes and Nesting Pads

The rule of thumb is one box per 5 hens, however, it’s important to make sure your chickens are comfortable when laying, or they won’t.

You’ll notice that certain hens squabble with each other and need to be a certain distance away  – ladies, am I right?

Make sure your nesting boxes always have fresh bedding and aren’t too complicated.

You can sometimes find some crazy nesting mechanisms online, but all you need is a simple nesting box or nesting pad. 

Chicken Raising Tool #5: Toys and Roosts

Chickens love to play and they love to be up high, so why not add a couple of swings and roosting spots within your coop to provide your chickens with a place to rest and a way to entertain themselves.

You can even throw in children’s toys such as balls to see your chickens go crazy.

And, as mentioned in a previous blog, a pumpkin or watermelon will be the highlight of your chickens’ week. 

Chicken Raising Tool #6: Proper Fencing.

Make sure you have strong, sturdy fencing that goes deep enough into the ground for keeping predators and rodents out of your coop.

You can also use fencing to build a chicken run for your clucks, so they can get some exercise, especially if they aren’t free to run. 

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