Large Chicken Feeder


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Our Large Chicken Feeder is suitable for poultry such as laying hens and also larger flocks. For use with lighter birds slight modifications can be made. Contact us for more info.


    • Hinged lid prevents access by sparrows, rats, mice, and other pests.
    • Easy-access lid prevents rain ruining your feed.
    • Sturdy metal construction provides trouble-free operation for years.
    • Large storage area holds approx 18kg/40lb of poultry feed.
    • Aluminium, textured tread plate.
    • High quality galvanised finish built to last in tough, outdoor conditions.
    • Sick and tired of feeding sparrows?
    • Will feed 12 chickens for 10 days. Can feed larger flocks if you do not mind filling the feeder more often.
    • Comes with a 24 month 100% money back guarantee!
    • Free up your weekends! Suitable for chickens, pheasants, and bantams. For lighter poultry slight modifications can be easily made. Contact us for more info.


The feeder can be used by chickens, bantams, and pheasants.

Using with lighter birds
For very light birds or bantams which are too light for the feeder, it is very easy to adjust the feeder by putting a small weight on the tread plate. Do not use with baby chickens as they may get caught when bigger birds step off.

How many chickens can feed at once?
A large feeder can have 4-5 chickens eating together at one time. Because of its larger capacity, we recommend the large feeder for flocks of a dozen or more birds.

The product comes almost fully assembled, just fasten the treadplate on and you’re ready to go.
The whole product fits easily into your car for transport.

Feed Size
A large feeder can hold 18kg/40lb feed: generally will feed 12 hens for 10 days.

Training birds
The feeders come with 2 training bolts to limit movement and instructions for their use: 2 settings with one week on each setting.

Feed Types
The Feeders are suitable for all dry feeds.

Additional information

Weight 22.5 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 47 × 42 cm